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If you're looking to learn how to sing or if you've been singing for years you're in the right place!  I offer structured, tailored singing lessons that guarantees your best possible progress in few months!

Voice Lessons Online capable to help you fully develop your singing success and stage performance to the maximum potential. Learn how to sing better online from anywhere in the world!

Don’t live within driving distance of Los Angeles? We can work online via Skype! Skype video lessons are conducted in the same manner as in-person lessons.


… Live far away from LA? No problem! 

Book your singing lessons Online

via SKYPE and practice with Professional Vocal Coach anywhere in the World!

First of all, let’s talk convenience. We’re all super busy these days. Always on the go, and somewhat overscheduled! With online voice lessons, my students are learn to sing with me anywhere there is a good Internet connection, including hotel rooms when they are touring, or recording studios if they need my supervision. Even if my student is local, sometimes they just don’t feel like dealing with traffic, parking, weather...  

Online voice lessons have allowed me to teach students from all over the world.  


Internationally, I’ve taught students in USA, India, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Australia. With the improvements that have been made in the quality of Skype and FaceTime and other platforms, it really does feel like you are in the same room together. I am able to detect tension, strain, breathiness, etc. every bit as effectively as I am with students taking in-person singing lessons. If a student is using an especially high-quality microphone, I can detect even more issues that need to be addressed. Technology is really something!

Vocal Training Online via Web Cam:

  • Learn to sing professionally anywhere in the world

  • Make Video recording of each class for your home practice

  • Keep Audio files of warm ups, exercises, backing tracks designed and recorded individually for your voice specific needs

  • Choose from Variety of tuition packages to better suite your artistic goals and budget

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Requirements for Online Singing Lessons

Make sure you’ve got a high-speed broadband internet connection as well as audio and video capability on your computer. Headphones or a videoconferencing headset will also help you hear our session clearly.