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Enjoy Playing Music at

the "JP Private Music Studio"


The piano may be the most versatile of all instruments taught at JP Music Studio. The study of piano provides younger students with a solid foundation in music theory and a natural transition to composition. The piano is also an excellent first instrument for all students who may later wish to investigate other instruments or to study voice.

Juliana Polanskaya, M.D. provides a natural segue into private piano instruction for intermediate and advanced level students. 

Private Piano Lessons allow the teacher to tailor the instruction to your personality, abilities, and learning style.

Ongoing recitals are open to all students and provide invaluable performance experience for aspiring pianists.

Piano Lessons
For Adult students

Our adult students love of making music.

Sitting at the piano at home is a great escape from the pressures of the day. You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you can play familiar songs!

Learning and playing music with others enables people to feel that they are a part of something that nobody can take away from them. This confidence translates to other areas of their life, giving them the freedom to make choices and to be happy and successful humans.

Such a great way to learn and play piano in duo with your spouse/ friend/ partner together!

This 2 students class helps to practice and develop everything you hear, compose, sing and speak by the language of music.

Royal Conservatory and

Merit Certification Prep Course

Advanced and goal oriented students are encouraged to participate Certification program and pass Merit Certificate Examination, as well as

Royal Academy Certification Exam. 

Our lessons will be structured according to your desired outcomes,

whether that be taking lessons as a recreational activity,

passing music examinations or becoming a professional artist. 

Have a great voice?

Why not to play piano and sing?

At my stuidos I offer Piano lessons for Amateur Musicians, Songwriters, Emerging Artists who aim to play Piano performing their favorite tunes.

I provide you with easy-to-understand basics of music theory and harmony, you ll get many new ideas how to create rhythm and groove using chords and bass patterns on piano and keyboard.

I will teach you how to use auto-accompaniment and sing along, as well as how arrange  melody into classical or pop style. 

Its not so hard to get ready for playing piano!


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Private Lessons and Semi-Private Classes

scheduled by appointment only.

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Piano Lessons available at Pasadena & Montebello studio locations.

Please contact us for available spots or apply for lesson online.

"Play The Music, Not The Instrument."