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Juliana Polanskaya -

Master Vocal Coach, Singer, Teaching Artist

"By enjoying the vocal performance field, I learned the vocal art as a science and a combination of physical, psychological, and creative ability of the artist. Singing has the power to bring a lot of positive effects to people’s lives through opening their personality and engaging their well-being. This is why teaching for me is not just a profession - it’s also a mission, to pass all my knowledge and experience to young professional singers, for enthusiasts and amateurs. "


"My artistic knowelege, skills and background are the foundation for voice instruction for beginners and professionals alike.  I am the product of many excellent teachers, coaches, stage directors and conductors.  I am still performing after decades of international opera and concert singing.  And, I have taught privately and in master classes for over many years.
I have learned to respectfully and creatively meet students where they are at the moment and appreciate and nurture their abilities, whether they be natural or learned.
There are many basics skills which each singer must master in order to sing healthily, happily and beautifully, but each person has his or her own learning needs and style."

As a music educator and teaching artist, Juliana continue improving her professional skills participating master classes hosted by top American vocal coaches, such as Seth Riggs, Brett Manning, Per Bristol.

Since 2012 she teaches emerging vocalists and aspiring talents, helping them to achieve the best on a career path. In a short time, the Vocal Master studio attracted a large number of people of different ages and experience level, including Russian celebrities, young and mature talents willing to acquire their vocal skills.

For 10 years she taught students how to sing in a variety of vocal genres - Broadway, Bel Canto, Classical and Contemporary music, as well as piano, acting, and performing arts…

Juliana Polanskaya is touring and recording artist, music educator, producer based in Los Angeles, CA. She was born in Saint-Petersburg (Russia) , where she graduated as a Master of Musical Arts and started her musical career as a singer and actress.

Juliana is an Award Winner and a Jury member of International Vocal Competitions  in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Riga, Sydney, Los Angeles and Miami.

International singer Juliana Polanskaya is a participant of world music projects in the USA. In 2012 she was awarded a grant from Quincy Jones - legendary American producer -  as an extraordinary artist, and now she honorably represents Russia in the United States.

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At Vocal Master Studio students work closely with their coach to determine vocal range, ability and style and are given the option to explore all genres of music. At voice training classes and singing lessons in Los Angeles studio you will not only learn how to sing the song with proper technique and dynamic interest, I teach you also how to entertain an audience and perform the song. This is accomplished by coaching the student on how to act the song, creating blocking, using facial expressions, advising the appropriate wardrobe for the piece, microphone technique and full body involvement.